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Litigation Results

Personal Injury 

$1,700,000,000.00 Jury Verdict - Products Liability

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker served as co-counsel in the 2023 record setting $1.7 Billion dollar jury verdict against the Ford Motor Company. This was the largest verdict in Georgia's history and largest products liability verdict against a car manufacturer in United States history. 

$105,000,000.00 Settlement - Products Liability 

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker served as co-counsel in a 2023 securing a confidential settlement over one hundred million dollars that was paid out by the Defendants. This was represented as the largest pretrial settlement in Georgia history. 

30,000,000.00 Jury Verdict  – Medical Mal Practice

In a Medical Mal Practice case, the jury rendered a verdict of $30,000,000.00 in a case involving the negligent monitoring of a high-risk patient who went unmonitored for a time period during labor that lead to a traumatic and permanent brain injury in the baby. This was the seventh highest verdict in Georgia for 2022.

$24,249,180.47 Jury Verdict and Final Judgment – Wrongful Death

In a Wrongful Death Case, the jury verdict and fees imposed by the court totaled a final judgment of $24,249,180,47 million in a case involving the negligent installation of a third story window that led to a death. This was the 4th highest verdict in Georgia and one of the top 50 verdicts in the United States for the year 2018.  

$11,000,000.00 Settlement – Automobile Accident

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP and co-counsel resolved litigation involving an automobile collision resulting in a leg amputation by procuring a settlement of $11,000,000.00.

$ 2,750,000.00 Settlement – Sexual Assault/ Premise Liability

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP fought for a sexual assault victim in premises liability case and obtained settlement of $2,750,000.00.

$2,568,000.00 Settlement – Automobile Accident

In a car crash causing a traumatic brain injury, Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP achieved a settlement of $2,568,000.00 for its client.

$2,250,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP fought to negotiate a settlement of $2,250,000.00 dollars in 2023 resulting from labor and delivery negligence.

$1,900,000.00 Jury Verdict - Medical Malpractice

After rejecting the Defense's settlement offer of $225,000, MPT took this case to trial where the Gwinnett County  jury awarded $1,900,000 in damages after a surgeon botched the surgery to repair a former Daytona 500 winner's broken shoulder. This was the 17th highest verdict in Georgia for the year 2018.

$1,600,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP fought to negotiate a settlement of 1.6 million dollars resulting from injury in a post-surgical hematoma.

$1,050,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

After a routine gallbladder surgery went wrong, Mahaffey Pickens Tucker obtained a settlement of $1,050,000.00 in the medical malpractice action while the jury deliberated.

$1,000,000.00 Jury Verdict - Medical Malpractice

In November 2023, MPT took this case to trial where the Gwinnett County jury awarded $1,000,000.00 in damages after a surgeon damaged a nerve in a routine shoulder surgery and failed to subsequently fix the nerve until it was too late to be repaired. 

$1,000,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker went to court and secured a settlement of $1,000,000.00 involving an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism.

$800,000.00 Jury Verdict – Dental Malpractice

Just one month prior to trial Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP was hired by Plaintiff to become lead counsel.  MPT tried the case and a Gwinnett jury returned a verdict of $800,000 in this dental malpractice action.  This was the highest dental malpractice verdict in Georgia in 2018. 

Case Reference: Mendres v. Gravel Springs Dental, PC et. al., Case No. 15-C-01687-4

$456,000.00 Jury Verdict - Car Accident

A Gwinnett County, Georgia, jury delivered a $456,000 award, including more than $130,000 in attorney fees, in a case involving an elderly man injured when a newly licensed teen driver turned in front of him.

Business Litigation 

$5,950,000.00 Settlement – Business Tort

In a business tort action involving fraud, Mahaffey Pickens Tucker brought this action in federal court and litigated until ultimately recovering a settlement of $5,950,000,00.

Defense Verdict - Contract Dispute over Business Sale

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker successfully defended a business owner sued by former employee claiming a portion of the $40,000,000.00 purchase price MPT's client received for the sale of his business.  Verdict came after a week long jury trial in Gwinnett County.  Plaintiff was represented by one of top downtown Atlanta firms.

Case Reference: Thompson v. Healthlogic Systems Corp. et. al., Case 08C-02321-2

Real Estate Litigation 

$3,350,000.00 Jury Verdict – Real Estate

Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP  fought in court for a jury to award $3,350,000.00 to a local land developer in a property dispute against Gwinnett County – an amount more than 4 times what the county offered prior to trial.

$3,021,614.00 Jury Verdict - Eminent Domain

In a case where Gwinnett County condemned a portion of its client's land and offered less than $500,000 as just compensation, MPT took the case to trial and the jury awarded $3,021,614.00 as just compensation.  MPT then won an affirmance of the verdict in the Georgia Court of Appeals after the county appealed.

Gwinnett County, GA v. Ascot Investment Co. et. al., Case No. 09-A-02456-3.

Declarant's Rights Litigation - Summary Judgment

MPT successfully fought off challenge by subdivision residents attempting to strip a subdivision developer of its rights as the Declarant of a subdivision.  MPT won summary judgment in Superior Court of Gwinnett County and then won the appeal brought by the residents before the Georgia Court of Appeals.  At stake in the case was the developer's right to develop additional phases of the subdivision and to maintain the rights of the declarant until subdivision sufficiently built out.

Case Reference:  Ken Barnett et. al. v. Stonewater Creek Homeowners Assn, Holt Builders, LLC et. al., Case No. 2014-A-06495-10

$1,575,000.00 Settlement - Environmental Erosion Control

A subdivision developer failed to control runoff resulting in silting of neighboring land. Mahaffey Pickens Tucker aggressively litigated the case ultimately procuring a settlement of $1,575,000.00.


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