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In order to secure the financial viability of their companies, business owners have to maintain vigilance in monitoring their expenditures and adjust their budgets to compensate for unplanned costs. Due to fluctuations in Atlanta's real estate market, the rise and fall in property assessments introduce an aspect of uncertainty for proprietors as they attempt to forecast their financial responsibilities.

Since 2006, our tax attorneys at Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP have helped area businesses decipher property valuations and have successfully challenged ad valorem tax assessments throughout the Southeastern United States. We have a comprehensive understanding of both the methodology assessors use to evaluate commercial property and procedures that need to be followed in order to appeal a valuation.

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We Contain Costs By Challenging Inaccurate Assessments

Our attorneys have counseled our clients on many facets related to the industries of real estate and construction; as such, our understanding of market conditions is current. Our ability to readily access area valuation data enables us to determine whether a particular property has been evaluated correctly. We scrutinize assessments for disparities in the assessor's analysis according to the cost, income or sales comparison determination. We have disputed assessments in these matters:

  • Lack of uniformity
  • Taxability
  • Valuation of property

Having reviewed many notices, we can identify aspects of ad valorem and property tax valuations and assessments that can be appealed with successful results for our clients. In retaining our services, our clients know that we will transfer the burden of proving the accuracy of the property valuation from the proprietor to the assessor.

Municipalities rely on the funds remitted for ad valorem taxes to ensure they remain solvent. In seeking to retain as much revenue as possible, they have created an appeals process that is detailed and time-sensitive. Having navigated this procedure in Georgia over the past two decades, our lawyers can tailor a specific strategy for our clients to navigate their property tax expenses based on what is actually owed, not an inflated approximation.

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