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Simplifying Corporate And Transactional Proceedings

Whether a business entity is an established Fortune 500 corporation or a newly minted startup, those charged with its management are required to respond to daily challenges, anticipate future issues and design strategies for handling business opportunities in a competitive and changing environment. Proprietors whose strengths lie in developing business models to increase market share have found success in partnering with our business law attorneys at Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP.

Our attorneys have represented Metro Atlanta businesses since our firm's establishment in 2006. We are recognized for our ability to tailor strategies specific to the needs of entities ranging in size and industry, having been retained by those in construction, manufacturing, banking and finance and real estate. In offering a comprehensive range of legal services, we have developed a reputation as a leading corporate law firm within the communities we serve.

Streamlining Business Operations

At each stage of a business's life cycle, various challenges exist. From aiding in the formation of a business to shaping its development to winding down the entity, our attorneys have promoted our clients' best interests in designing value-added solutions. Our clients have benefited from our advice in these matters:

  • Identifying the appropriate business entity to establish
  • Resolving disputes that arise from incorporation
  • Designing bylaws and operating agreements
  • Raising capital
  • Advising on issues related to corporate governance
  • Establishing buy-sell agreements
  • Maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Structuring mergers and acquisitions
  • Constructing succession plans
  • Structuring private company investments and consolidations

Equipped with knowledge informed by experience, our lawyers can identify the conditions that may lead to future problems. We are able to adjust our counsel accordingly and reduce the impact of such financial or logistical obstacles.

Ensuring Smooth Negotiations

In order to encourage the evolution of our clients' businesses, we facilitate corporate transactions. We have guided our clients through these proceedings:

  • Drafting contracts and loan agreements
  • Writing purchase agreements
  • Obtaining financing and capital for growth and investment
  • Facilitating stock and asset sales
  • Reviewing shareholder agreements

Recognizing the high return on investment offered by our legal services, our business clients remain affiliated with our firm. In the course of developing these relationships, our clients realize they can rely on the services of our attorneys for satisfying all of their business needs.

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