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Metro Atlanta Real Estate Attorneys

Recognized as a key industry in the Metro Atlanta region, the field of real estate has been dynamic in its contraction and growth over the past decade. When market instability accompanied the financial downturn of 2008, it influenced the economic viability of many area commercial and residential property owners. Many of these owners are our long-term clients.

During periods of both economic expansion and construction, we have designed legal strategies for Georgia property owners in various capacities. As a result of our history of success in advocating our clients' interests, our attorneys at Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP have established our reputation as one of the region's preeminent commercial real estate firms.

Experienced Counsel For Commercial And Residential Real Estate Matters

Since 2006, our lawyers have represented clients ranging from those participating in real estate transactions to those managing properties. We have counseled buyers, sellers, land traders, developers, home builders and lenders as they have sought solutions for the following legal concerns:

  • Obtaining and selling commercial and residential property
  • Facilitating loan transactions
  • Securing financing
  • Documenting and settling loans
  • Designing acquisition contracts and listing agreements
  • Finalizing reciprocal agreements and easements
  • Protecting creditors' rights
  • Facilitating the foreclosure process
  • Expediting simple and complex real estate transactions
  • Securing rights to land use and real estate development
  • Defending mortgage and construction claims
  • Developing and subdividing property
  • Facilitating land entitlement
  • Drafting restrictive covenants
  • Closing land transactions

We have partnered with land developers throughout the state. Our legal team has represented the interests of those renovating and constructing residential properties such as subdivisions and condominium buildings. Additionally, we have guided our clients as they design, construct and manage office and retail buildings.

Creating Legal Solutions For Landlords And Tenants

We have established long-term relationships with tenants and landlords as well. Our attorneys have advised clients who manage diverse classes of property. Our clients have leased retail, industrial or multiple family residences, among others. They have benefited from our attention to commercial leases in these legal matters:

  • Brokering and auditing leases for residential and commercial properties
  • Litigating leases
  • Drafting leases
  • Drafting agency agreements
  • Drafting management agreements
  • Dispossessory and evictions
  • Collections

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