Comprehensive Business Solutions

Client Testimonials

Brandon Pelfrey, CEO, Team Pest USA:

“The attorneys at MPT understand my business. I am comfortable calling on them for advice and don’t have to worry about being “nickel-and-dimed” for fees. I view MPT as a partner with my business rather than as a service provider.”

Bartow Morgan, Jr., CEO, Brand Bank:

“The attorneys at MPT counsel me with practical legal advice based on their understanding of my business. As a client, I appreciate that they have made the effort to invest their time in learning about my business in a holistic way so that our attorney-client relationship can be a partnership based on our shared experiences. I believe that this perspective adds value to my business and sets them apart from other service providers.”

Eric Walker, Senior Vice President, Quantum National Bank:

“The attorneys at MPT are solid deal lawyers. They understand the importance of getting transactions closed in a timely and efficient manner. Both the attorneys and staff at MPT go the extra mile to serve the needs of my bank and our customers. I appreciate that my customers are just as important to MPT as they are to me.”

Sid Theus, CEO, American Painting and Renovations, Inc.:

“I use the attorneys at MPT for all of my business’s legal needs. In addition to being my lawyers, they are my friends. They believe in me and my business — I think that sets them apart from other service providers.”

Brandon Beach, State Senator and CEO, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce:

“MPT is a great law firm. In addition to their skill as attorneys, they are supportive of the business community and invest their time, talent and money in helping make our market a great place to do business.”

Ron Garrard, CEO, Garrard Group:

“I value my relationship with the attorneys at MPT. I rely on the business and legal advice I receive from the MPT team and recommend the firm to any business with legal needs.”

Christopher Harris, President, Rockhaven Homes:

“The attorneys at MPT are valuable partners to me. I rely on the MPT team to counsel my business with practical legal advice and help get my company’s real estate deals closed. They have been an important part of the growth of my business.”